People are a fundamental resource

At Microtecnica Trevisana, we have undertaken a journey of improvement based on the Lean system, which has allowed us to understand that people are a fundamental resource for business success. We have therefore decided to support our team through process improvement.

Thanks to this transformation, we are able to increase productivity, satisfy more customers, and improve the daily work of our employees. Through our “lean journey,” we have set goals such as optimal team and complexity management, efficient processes, flexible priority management, project sharing and visibility at the team level, team productivity increase, and delivery time reduction.

In the company, we will continue our journey of improvement to ensure that people are always at the center of our work. We will use the tools and methodologies of the Lean system to continue to identify and solve problems, improve processes, and increase efficiency. Additionally, we will continue to invest by providing them with the tools, training, and motivation necessary to grow and develop professionally.

Our goal is to create a safe, stimulating work environment that allows for success at both the individual and company level. Microtecnica Trevisana aims to be a leader in continuous improvement and excellence in the industry, always valuing the importance of its people.

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