Metrological Room

Microtecnica Trevisana’s metrological room

Our workmanship is the result of meticulous work aimed at customer satisfaction. To guarantee maximum quality, we must measure products and establish even the slightest discrepancy between them. This is why at Microtecnica Trevisana we have a metrology room to guarantee the correct measurement and calibration of products.
The metrology room is a laboratory where processes take place that require extreme and constant precision and maximum reliability. In the air-conditioned room, the internal environment is kept constant and the thermal and hygrometric conditions pre-set.

  • 3D measuring machine – OGP SmartScope Flash CNC;/li>
  • Roughness tester -Profilometro- Jenoptik.

The activities carried out internally to ensure high precision and maximum reliability are:

  • Performing precision dimensional measurements
  • Calibration of measuring instruments

Other instruments:

  • DIGITAL CALIBERS centesimali digitali with data output;
  • MILLESIMAL MICROMETERS (0-25 e 25-50) with data output;
  • CALIBRATED BUFFERS or measuring bores and threads;
  • DIGITAL COMPARATORS for measuring lengths;
  • DIGITAL AND ANALOGIC COMPARATORS for gorge measurements.