Processed Materials

Processed materials: brass, steel, and aluminum turned components.

Microtecnica Trevisana SRL specialises in the production of turned components in various materials, including brass, steel, iron, and aluminium.

Brass is one of the most commonly worked alloys due to its excellent workability. Microtecnica Trevisana works with the following brass alloys: CW602N, CW612N, CW614N, CW614N, CW617N, CW625N, CW626N, CW724R, CW712N, CW603N, and CW608N. The amount of brass processed annually is approximately 6,000 tons.

High-speed automatic steel is the material chosen for applications requiring excellent mechanical characteristics and resistance to corrosion in aggressive environments. Microtecnica Trevisana mainly works with the AISI303 alloy, but is also able to work with other alloys upon customer request. The amount of iron and steel processed annually is 1,300 tons.
Aluminium is a ductile material used as a structural component for its lightness, durability, and strength. Microtecnica Trevisana mainly works with the 2011 aluminium alloy

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